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Travel and COVID-19

You can find the latest information on how COVID-19 is affecting travel to Spain on the Re-open EU website and the Travel Safe Spain website . COVID-19 travel information can change frequently, but you can read what you should be looking out for in our guidance.

Entry visa requirements

Not required for stays of less than 90 days.

Working fewer than 90 days?

Order PCM/1238/2021 of November 20, 2021 now allows for visa-free and work permit-free performances in Spain for up to 90 days for 'Foreign artists, technicians and professionals who are going to carry out activities framed in the audiovisual sector, artistic activities before the public or aimed at recording of any kind for its dissemination by different mass media may avail themselves of these instructions.'

You will need to request a Foreigner Identification Number (NIE) on entry to Spain.

The Spanish Consulate has published a guide for the sector which currently is only available in Spanish.

Additional requirements

You need to meet the following requirements:

  • 'have an employment or professional relationship' with the Spanish company that has employed you
  • comply with the general conditions of entry into the Schengen area
  • have medical insurance which cover the entire stay
  • have sufficient financial resources for the duration of the stay. This can be through an employment contract

The employer must be registered in the Social Security system.

Working for more than 90 days?

A visa will be required.

For stays between 91 and 180 days an ESA D-type visa is needed.

For stays over 180 days an RSA D-type visa is needed.

Additional requirements

You will need to leave your passport at the Consulate during the visa processing time.

The documents you need to provide vary between the types of National visa. For example, students require an admission letter, the self-employed require form EX-07 and work permit exemption visas require a contract or letter of invitation. There are also checklists for employees on the Spanish Consulate website.

General requirements include:

  • valid passport
  • proof of employment
  • medical insurance
  • a statement from the employer regarding their registration for Social Security


      £8.35 for the NIE

      £68 for ESA D-type visa

      £555 for RSA D-type visa

      Please note that prices in GBP are indicative and are subject to change in line with exchange rates.

      Contact details

      Spanish Embassy Website
      20 Draycott Place
      London SW3 2RZ 63

      Tel: +44 (0) 20 7589 8989
      [email protected]

      Consulate General in Edinburgh
      North Castle Street
      Edinburgh EH2 3LJ

      Tel +44 (0) 131 226 4568
      [email protected]

      Planning a tour?

      The information provided in this guide is for your reference only and does not constitute legal or immigration advice. The ISM recommends that if you have any doubts about your eligibility to enter any country, you contact a suitably qualified migration expert for each individual country in good time prior to intended arrival.