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Travel and COVID-19

The same rules apply to enter the Principality of Liechtenstein as for Switzerland.

Entry visa requirements

Not required.

Information provided by the Migration and Passport Office

Working fewer than 90 days?

The Free Trade Agreement between the UK and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein came into effect on 1 December 2021. 'British artists, performers and entertainers will now be able to tour and perform for up to 90 days every six months without needing a permit'.

It is not clear when Leichtenstein will implement the new arrangments. The UK Government website states that touring artists and entertainers 'may be allowed to work in Liechtenstein for up to 8 days within a time period of 90 days. UK nationals seeking to enter Liechtenstein for the purpose of cross-border supply of services do not require a visa.

Additional requirements

'The supply of a cross-border service shall be subject to the requirement of notification. The notification shall be made at the Migration and Passport Office no later than two business days prior to the supply of the service. The notification has to be submitted using a form and is subject to fees.'

'If the UK artist or entertainer is not self-employed and her/his employer acts as posting company, an additional notification is required in order for the competent authorities to ensure compliance with all requirements regarding work and social security measures. The notification has to be submitted using a form at the latest nine days before the supply of the service in accordance with the Posted Workers Act.'

'Apart from these rules, there is an exception from the requirement of notification to the Migration and Passport Office, but only if the person is providing the cross-border service in Liechtenstein in a relatively small scope and for a very short period of time. This exception concerns the participation in or conduct of cultural events in the fields of music, dance, theatre or cabaret and comparable fields that take place within the framework of a longer tour in which the event in Liechtenstein is only of minor importance (one stop among many others) and insofar as the artist or entertainer has to perform his/her work for the major part of the tour.'


Working for more than 90 days?

Short-term residence permit (L) for up to 12 months.


80 francs for the issue of a new short-term permit.

Contact details

Liechtenstein Embassy (consular services come under Swiss Embassy) Website

Embassy of Switzerland
16/18 Montagu Place
London W1H 2BQ

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7616 6000
[email protected]

Planning a tour?

The information provided in this guide is for your reference only and does not constitute legal or immigration advice. The ISM recommends that if you have any doubts about your eligibility to enter any country, you contact a suitably qualified migration expert for each individual country in good time prior to intended arrival.