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Entry visa requirements


Working fewer than 90 days?

No work permit required for musicians, ‘whose participation constitutes a substantial or essential part of a noteworthy artistic event.’

NB If an artist is not a substantial or essential part of a noteworthy artistic event the work will require a work permit, even if the work is for less than 90 days. SIRI can, upon request, make an instructive statement on whether or not an artist is a substantial or essential part of a noteworthy artistic event. Requests can be addressed to the Agency via their contact form.

[Information provided by Ministry of Immigration and Integration Affairs]

Working for more than 90 days?

Special individual qualification work permit and residence for musicians (and conductors) who have a job offer – up to 1 year.


DKK 4295 (£500) for the special individual qualification work permit/residence.

NB Fees are normally updated on 1 January each year.

Please note, the price in GBP is indicative and subject to change in line with exchange rates.

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Planning a tour?

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