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Three important surveys on music education

This is your opportunity to take charge of government policy on music education. Help us make the case with politicians and the Department for Education for music in the curriculum.

These three surveys focus on three areas of music education: the first focuses on primary school music; the second focuses current situation in secondary schools and the third is a consultation on the National Plan for Music Education.

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More information on each survey

Primary music survey

There is very little information about the level of music education currently being delivered within our primary schools.

Following feedback from music teachers, the ISM is working with Kevin Rogers, an experienced music inspector, to assess if National Curriculum music is being delivered effectively across all Primary year groups; and if its provision is being challenged by current pressures on budgets and staff.

Kevin said: ‘There is a wealth of data regarding music in secondary schools, but with precious little data collected on the delivery of the National Curriculum within primary schools, I would encourage music teachers in primary schools to respond to this survey and tell us what is going in their school.’

Please complete this survey if you are involved in curriculum music at primary level.

The survey closes on 30 September 2018.

Secondary music survey

Run by the University of Sussex, supported by the ISM, this is for secondary music teachers in state and independent schools.

This important survey of secondary music provision is being run by Dr Ally Daubney and Duncan Mackrill from the University of Sussex who are inviting secondary music teachers to show what is going on in their schools. It builds on their independent study which reported back in March 2017.

Dr Ally Daubney said:

‘This is the only survey of its kind. Building on our audit of secondary music provision from 2012 to 2016/17, we are inviting secondary music teachers to show what is going on in schools across England 2016 to 2018/19, allowing us to see into the future in terms of uptake and to map changes across a 7-year period. The findings of our previous survey were widely reported over the last year in the press, television, radio and led to a number of questions being tabled in Parliament. This is your chance to help us make the case with politicians and the Department for Education for music in the curriculum.’

Duncan Mackrill added:

‘Our survey in 2016 uncovered some deeply concerning trends in music in our secondary schools. This is an opportunity to follow-up on this important work and take stock of the state of music education in our secondary schools, mapping changes from 2012 to 2018/19. I strongly encourage secondary music teachers to respond so that together we can demonstrate changes in terms of curriculum time and models, staffing levels and uptake across Key Stages 3 to 5.

The survey closes 17 September 2018.

ISM consultation on the National Plan for Music Education 2020

We’re consulting both ISM members and non-members on what should be in the Department for Education's next National Plan for Music Education. We need your expertise to make your voice heard in Government.

Please help us stand up for music education and respond to this survey. Your views will help us speak up for children and young people’s access to music education, for music and for the music profession as a whole.

This survey primarily relates to the National Plan for Music Education in England. However, all musicians, teachers or otherwise, working across the UK are welcome to respond.

This survey closes 30 September 2018.