Your stories

These are real stories from musicians whose work and livelihoods have already been affected by Brexit. We want to hear your stories about how your work has already been affected by Brexit. Please send us your quotes and stories which we will use in our campaign and lobbying work. If you are a touring musician, please let us know where you are performing and send us photos of yourself on the road by emailing [email protected]. We need to make politicians understand that music has no borders.

Confusion around extra costs

‘I get questions like ‘Do you know what is going to happen?’ ‘Do you know what is going to be required?’ I have had employers quite frankly say, ‘look if there are extra costs, we’re going to have to move on and book other EU musicians.’

Loss of office

'Brexit has forced me out of my office in France where I have had an excellent location for my bi-lingual productions since 2010. The drop of 25% at least in currency value has meant that I was unable to take up an option to buy. It is a real imposition on my ongoing business.'

Decrease in gig bookings

'The busiest times of the year in terms of live gigs are December and from May to September.
Here some numbers:

2014: May/September: 37 gigs, December: 12 gigs,
2015: May/September: 44 gigs, December: 16 gigs,
2016: May/September: 21 gigs, December: 7 gigs,
2017: May/September: 8 gigs, December: 4 gigs,
2018: May/September: 7 gigs, December: 4 gigs

I think it is enough to prove how the Brexit is bringing UK to the edge of the abyss.'

Decrease in students

‘An unexpected consequence of Brexit that I have already experienced is that I teach on the side and a lot of my European students have left.’

Podcast discussion

In the podcast below, listen to two musicians who share their personal experiences of how Brexit has already impacted their work.