General Election 2019: ISM statement

The General Election results revealed a win for the Conservative party, who secured almost 50% of the votes.

The ISM launched a Manifesto for Musicians before the election, which can be downloaded below. Amongst several asks, including adding a sixth pillar to the English Baccalaureate, a long-term commitment to music education hub funding of at least £100m per annum and ensuring equalities legislation effectively covers all freelancers, the manifesto called for an all-encompassing deal that protects musicians and their livelihoods post-Brexit.

Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive of the Incorporated Society of Musicians said:

‘Irrespective of the results of today’s General Election, the priorities outlined in the ISM’s Manifesto for Musicians remain the same.

Among other priorities, including implementing an education policy which guarantees the creation of future musical talent, an all-encompassing deal which will protect every aspect of the musician’s working life post-Brexit must be put in place. This includes everything from a two-year, multi-entry visa to ensuring that musicians can take their instruments easily across the channel to work in the EU.

As only reported this month, the music industry is continuing to grow and is now worth £5.2bn. We urge the incoming government to listen to the music sector and ensure the future of prosperous industry is protected.’