Save Music statement on the EU's ETIAS announcement

The announcement that EU countries plan to impose a €7 charge every three years on visitors from the UK after Brexit is concerning. This will also apply to those seeking short-term work in the EU.

Although the charge and associated form are clearly not a major barrier to those seeking work in the EU, this development is indicative of significant barriers to mobility that may be established with the end of freedom of movement.

The Government’s Brexit deal as it stands sees freedom of movement abolished without giving any details of a replacement system. To date, the Government has failed to publish its immigration white paper as promised and have not provided any detail on progress in negotiating the Cooperative Accord on Culture and Education. It has also failed to undertake appropriate preparations for no deal.

The Government must ensure that if freedom of movement is to end, barriers to travel are kept at an absolute minimum. We call on the Government to negotiate the protection of freedom of movement for musicians, or to develop a two-year multi-entry touring visa for UK musicians working in EU countries.