Campaign asks

It is clear that the Government must take action to protect musicians' livelihoods and the prosperous music and wider creative industries. These campaign asks are based on the findings of the ISM's Impact of Brexit on Musicians report.

1. The Government must cover the costs that musicians will potentially incur as a result of Brexit.

2. If freedom of movement rights cease, the Government must introduce a two-year, cheap and admin-light, multi-entry touring visa.

3. A Government Department must set up a dedicated hotline to offer guidance on mobility issues.

4. The Government must expand the list of approved CITES-designated ports for entry and exit, to include more sea ports in the north of England and Scotland, as well as Eurostar, so that musicians can travel more easily with their instruments.

5. DEFRA must clarify post-Brexit CITES regulations, providing clear guidance on what will happen after the transition period.

6. The Government must maintain European Health Insurance as provided by the EHIC system, or provide an equivalent scheme.

7. HMRC must maintain the A1 certificate system or provide a suitable equivalent.

8. The Government must engage with the music sector to provide a roadmap on all issues relating to mobility rights, customs regulations, health insurance provision and social security.