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How to... Play at a festival

Empowered Musician partner Serious’ David Jones and George Vass, Artistic Director of Presteigne Festival, offer their specialist advice on festivals.

Creating new guidelines for engagements

Atholl Swainston-Harrison, Chief Executive of International Artist Managers’ Association (IAMA), explains how experiences in the pandemic have informed IAMA’s new guidelines for engagements.

SEISS campaigning

The Self-Employed Income Support Scheme has been a vital lifeline for eligible musicians, but our research found that one-third of musicians did not receive it.

How to... Play at a festival

Member only

Specialist advice from George Vass (Presteigne Festival) and David Jones (Serious) on how to play at festivals. Includes a guide to preparing a technical rider.

Performing at weddings

Professional harpist and ISM Information and Advice Officer, Anna Wynne, offers guidance on playing at weddings.