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Expanding your Choral Toolkit


Following on from the success of our first Conductor Toolkit workshop on Working with Cambiata Voices, we are delighted to present our first weekend of workshops focusing on expanding your toolkit of choral resources and inspiration.

The Practice Tools, presented by Graham Fitch


What happens in the practice room between lessons is of course hugely important in the development of the piano student. In this workshop, you will learn not just a range of tried and tested practice techniques which are indispensable when learning new pieces solidly and reliably but also the methodology for building up speed, correcting errors and memorising.

Style and Texture from Baroque to Jazz


You will learn explain how to introduce Style and Texture in the Early Stages from Ilga Pitkevica: a step-by-step process of teaching the stylistic and textural features of Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods to beginners and intermediate level pupils.