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ISM signs #WeMakeEvents letter about restrictions on vehicles for touring after Brexit

We have signed a joint letter from the #WeMakeEvents campaign to the Department for Transport which explains how the Brexit Deal has created new barriers to touring in Europe. They present an existential threat to the UK’s position as a leading exporter of live events and talent. The letter has been signed by politicians, companies, sector organisations and artists.

There are three main reasons why only artists successful enough to hire trucks from European hauliers will now be able to tour in the EU:

  1. Sleeper coaches are now subject to a range of impractical regulations restricting how they can operate when travelling outside of the UK.
  2. Sleeper coaches travelling in the EU are no longer able to carry the specialist musical equipment necessary for musicians to perform live.
  3. UK-registered splitter vans (specialist vehicles designed to carry both musicians and their equipment) are now subject to cabotage movement restrictions when carrying musical equipment.

To resolve these issues, the letter asks for one of two solutions. Firstly, the DfT could agree a reciprocal exemption with the EU Commission for sleeper coaches and splitter vans, allowing them to carry out their work in the way they did before Brexit. Alternatively, DfT could offer emergency grants to help businesses transition as well as create a waiver for EU-registered vehicles owned by UK companies to operate in the UK.