The Live Music Act comes into effect on 1 October 2012

The Live Music Act will officially come into law on 1 October 2012. As a result, in England and Wales, performances of live amplified music to audiences of less than 200 people between the hours of 8am-11pm will no longer require a special licence and local authority permission.

The Live Music Bill was introduced by Liberal Democrat Peer Tim Clement-Jones and promoted in the House of Commons by Bath MP Don Foster, the Live Music Act will encourage pubs and other small venues to host live music events.

Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive, ISM:

"We have campaigned tirelessly for the rights of musicians and audiences to hear live music in small venues across England and Wales. We are grateful to Lord Clement-Jones and Don Foster for their dedicated work in steering the bill through the choppy waters of parliamentary process and on to the statute book."

The ISM has already heard from members who will now be putting on a live music event and we encourage other members to celebrate the Live Music Act in this way. Let us know your plans so that we can support you as a member of the society. Contact [email protected] to find out more about how we can help.