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Take action against BBC cuts to classical music

UPDATE: On 24 March the BBC announced that it was suspending the decision to disband the BBC Singers. We welcome this decision but emphasise that the BBC has only paused its plans and we have concerns regarding the proposal to look at 'alternative funding models' for the Singers. Meanwhile the three English orchestras are still facing a 20% cut.

Please help the ISM keep up the pressure on the BBC and continue writing to the BBC Board and your MP about these issues.

The BBC is proposing to disband the BBC Singers and cut its three English orchestras by 20% as part of a new Classical Music Strategy. The BBC is the single biggest employer of musicians in the UK and the ISM believes that a BBC classical music strategy should not involve axing some of its finest musicians. Responding to the announcement, ISM Chief Executive Deborah Annetts said, ‘Today’s announcement to disband BBC Singers and severely cut the number of salaried positions in the BBC Orchestras will be devastating for the BBC, musicians, and classical music in this country.' (read our full response to the announcement).

Help us to change the BBC's mind by taking one or more of the following actions:

Write to your MP

You can write to your MP to ask them to speak out against the cuts. We have provided a template letter, or you can use your own arguments and talk about why the BBC's classical music programming is important to you personally. You can find your MP on the Parliament website.

Complain to the BBC Board

You can write to the BBC Chairman Richard Sharp and the BBC Board to tell them your concerns and ask them to intervene in these cuts. You may wish to tell them how important the classical music the BBC produces is to you personally. The ISM has written to the BBC Board and you may wish to use our template letter as inspiration. Contact the BBC Board.

Sign the BBC Singers' petition

A petition calling for the BBC Singers to be saved already has over 100,000 signatures. Add your name via the button below.

Have your say on social media

Let your friends and followers know that you're unhappy about the proposed changes on your social media pages. Here are some key points you may wish to consider making:

  • The BBC's new classical music strategy will see some of the finest musicians in the world lose their jobs - and that's wrong
  • The planned disbandment of the BBC Singers and cuts to the BBC's English orchestras are nothing short of cultural vandalism
  • Disbanding the BBC Singers and cutting orchestra salaried staff will harm the BBC's reputation
  • The BBC must think again and put its musicians at the heart of its classical music strategy

Become a campaign supporter

If you care about saving the BBC Singers and orchestras, make your voice heard by becoming an ISM campaign supporter. We’ll keep you up to date with campaign developments, plus the latest news from the ISM and our sister charities.

The ISM has a long history of standing up for the rights of musicians, and campaigning remains a vital part of the work we do.

Take action to protect artistic excellence today. We are stronger together.