News: Northern Ireland Executive announce further COVID-19 restrictions

The Northern Ireland Executive announced further restrictions across the whole of Northern Ireland. The new measures will come into regulatory effect on Friday 16 October and will be in place for a period of four weeks.

These restrictions include:

  • Bubbling to be limited to a maximum of 10 people from two households
  • No mass events involving more than 15 people (except for allowed outdoor sporting events where the relevant number for that will continue to apply)
  • No indoor sport of any kind or organised contact sport involving household mixing other than at elite level
  • Funerals to be limited to 25 people with no pre- or post-funeral gatherings
  • Wedding ceremonies and civil partnerships to be limited to 25 people with no receptions. This will be implemented on Monday 19 October. Venues providing the post-ceremony or partnership celebration this weekend may remain open for this purpose but may not provide other services for people who are not part of the wedding or partnership party and this will be limited to 25

The following advice will be added to the existing health guidance:

  • Work from home unless unable to do so
  • Universities and further education to deliver distance learning to the maximum extent possible with only essential face to face learning where that is a necessary and unavoidable part of the course
  • No unnecessary travel should be undertaken
  • The half term holiday break for schools and colleges will be extended to a two-week break to run from 19th to 30th October
  • Places of worship will remain open with a mandatory requirement to wear face coverings when entering and exiting. This will not apply to parties to a marriage or civil partnerships

Visit the Northern Ireland Executive Office website for the full list of updated restrictions.

We will review these further restrictions and will update our members if it affects performing and teaching.