The ISM writes to Government asking for urgent clarity for music teachers on home visits

New social distancing rules: the ISM writes to Government asking for urgent clarity for music teachers on home visits

The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) has written to the government asking for clarity on how today’s announcement on changes to social distancing will affect music teachers.

The Prime Minister has confirmed that from 4 July 2020, the two-metre social distancing rule will no longer be in force in England, and will instead be replaced by a “one-metre-plus” approach. Members of two different households will also be able to socially interact provided they stick to this rule, and households will be able to host visitors in their home. This announcement raises questions on whether private music teachers can return to face-to-face lessons on 4 July.

The ISM has asked the government for urgent answers to the following questions:

From 4 July, and provided the one-metre-plus rule is adhered to:

  • Can music teachers let pupils into their homes for the purpose of music teaching?
  • Can music teachers that work from a separate studio resume face-to-face teaching?
  • Can music teachers visit the homes of their pupils for the purpose of music teaching?
  • Will music teachers now be considered permitted businesses, alongside the existing cohort allowed to work in people's homes, as set out by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy?

The ISM has also reiterated its call for the government to commission research on the transmission risk for COVID-19 in performance and music teaching settings.

Update (25/06/2020): the ISM has since written to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy, to ask for clarity on guidance published regarding the resumption of close-contact services, whether these guidelines are applicable to private music teachers, as well as for further detail on the risk of transmission posed by such activities as singing:

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