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ISM writes to Liz Truss as she takes over Ministerial responsibility for the UK’s relationship with the European Union

ISM Chief Executive Deborah Annetts has written to Foreign Secretary Liz Truss in her new role as the chief post-Brexit negotiator following the resignation of Lord Frost. The ISM is keen to work with Truss to help resolve the problems caused by the Trade Cooperation Agreement (TCA) for touring musicians.

The letter outlines the ISM’s concerns about the continued misleading statements from the Government regarding visa and work permit-free touring, the lack of clarity and accuracy in Government guidance for musicians working in the EU and the lack of responsibility for providing detailed advice.

The letter also raises the reluctance of officials to pursue a bespoke Visa Waiver Agreement (VWA) for political reasons, despite a VWA being a legally viable solution and the lack of engagement with Member States to negotiate individual bilateral agreements.

The letter calls for Liz Truss to confirm what negotiations are underway with EU Member States and to work with all Member States to secure an exemption from cabotage for the cultural and creative sector. Finally, it asks for Eurostar to be included in the list of CITES-designated ports and for a cultural exemption to the cost of ATA Carnets to be explored unilaterally.

The letter was covered by The Independent news website.