ISM Trust’s Primary Music Toolkit wins at the Music Teacher Awards 2019

The Primary Music Toolkit by Dr Alison Daubney PhD, published by ISM Trust (sister charity of the ISM) and supported by the Schools Music Association has been awarded the Excellence in Primary/Early Years award at the Music Teacher Awards 2019.

In a ceremony on Wednesday 6 March, Dr Alison Daubney, the author of the Toolkit, was presented with the award by James Sargeant, Institutional Business Manager at Yamaha Europe.

Of winning the award, Dr Daubney said:

‘The ISM Trust Primary Toolkit came about because there is so little time dedicated to music training, especially for early career teachers. I wanted to try and provide a sound pedagogical underpinning alongside practical guidance in order to encourage all teachers to embed music in their curriculum. The Toolkit strives to celebrates some of the excellent work already out there and draw it together in a useful way.

I would particularly like to thank the ISM Trust and Schools’ Music Association for their brilliant support and work in both putting this resource together and ensuring it is freely available to all. I would also to thank Sing Up for their support and partnership with the singing section.

Putting together the Toolkit has been a team effort and I am delighted that it won an award! I really hope it can make a positive difference in challenging times for music education in our schools.’

Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive of the ISM, of which the ISM Trust is a sister charity, said:

‘The ISM Trust’s Primary Music Toolkit, accessed by more than 6,000 teachers since its launch in 2017, was the first digital tool of its kind for non-specialist and specialist primary classroom music teachers. It was built with the everyday working teacher in mind: for mobile and tablets to provide easy accessibility for teachers while on the move.

We thank Sing Up for contributing their knowledge and resources in the creation of the chapters that relate to singing, and hope that the Primary Toolkit will continue to build confidence in teaching for many more teachers.’

About the Primary Music Toolkit

The Primary Music Toolkit comes in six downloadable parts, relating to:

a) Setting up musical learning in the primary classroom
b) Leading and developing vocal work
c) A brief guide to using musical instruments
d) Composing and creativity – doodling with sound
e) Using technology in music primary education
f) Musical learning in the creative curriculum

The aim of the Primary Music Toolkit is to explore ideas about what it is and how teachers can gain confidence to lead inspiring musical experiences. It is packed with practical help, such as how to set up a classroom and ways to get musical instruments in and out, along with strategies to get attention back to you in a busy and productively noisy room, how to encourage creative exploration on instruments and technologies and strategies for teaching a song. Fundamental points such as the pitch range of the song, counting in, giving the starting note and choosing appropriate repertoire are all considered.

The singing part of the toolkit is written collaboratively with Sing Up, the award-winning organisation with a wealth of experience in leading singing in primary schools across the country.

About the ISM Trust

The ISM Trust, the Incorporated Society of Musicians’ (ISM) sister charity, was created in 2014 to advance education, the arts and to promote health. Our primary focus is to deliver high quality professional development by leading practitioners from the ISM and also in partnership with other organisations.

We are dedicated to creating pioneering resources to support music and all those who work in the sector including music educators, performers, and composers and delivers our work through webinars, regional seminars, training events and advice packs.