ISM responds to the government's latest Brexit migration proposals

The Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced there will be an immigration overhaul post-Brexit at the Conservative Party conference this week.

In response to recent comments by the Home Secretary and the Migration Advisory Committee on the proposed changes to the migration system post-Brexit, Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive of the ISM, said:

‘At this time of great uncertainty, musicians need to know their opportunities in the EU will be secure once Britain leaves.

Without question, the Government’s latest migration proposals as they stand will irreparably damage the UK’s music industry.

Musicians from inside and outside the UK rely on freedom of movement to work and tour in the EU27 at short notice, without the need to demonstrate the level of their earnings or their qualifications. Without the right deal for the music industry and the creative industries, we should expect less talent moving through our borders and in turn, less collaboration from the EU as working with the UK becomes a less attractive prospect.

Given how much of musicians’ work and income is dependent on travel to the EU27, and given the importance of cultural exchange in the arts, we are urging the UK Government and EU to reach an agreement on mobility for musicians and other artists post-Brexit as soon as possible. We are calling for freedom of mobility to be protected for musicians.’