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Have your say on AI in new survey

The ISM is working in collaboration with Rachael Drury to promote a survey on AI in the music industry.

AI and its potential impact on music has become one of the most talked-about subjects. AI-generated music has divided opinion and sparked heated debates, there is also discussion about what AI could mean for copyright and IP, and whether regulation will have to be updated. The survey seeks to find out how musicians feel about AI and the possible opportunities and threats it creates.

All music creators are invited to share their thoughts, particularly around AI’s impact on creativity, copyright and future careers. No prior knowledge or experience of AI is required to complete the survey – its aim is to understand perspectives on the use of AI in music creation and what it might mean for the music sector. By participating, you will contribute to important research addressing the pressing concerns of our industry in a rapidly evolving landscape.

We’re delighted to be working with Rachael Drury on this survey. Rachael is a PhD candidate at the University of Liverpool researching generative AI music and UK copyright law. Her current doctoral research considers generative AI composition systems developed with machine learning as the music industry’s next disruptive technology which now questions the sustainability of the UK’s current copyright framework, the value of copyright to the music industry and the potential economic, societal and philosophical value of human creativity.

The survey is open to every music creator and the time you spend on the survey will really help Rachel and the ISM in the ever more prominent field of AI.