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Fix Streaming bill put before parliament

The details of Kevin Brennan MP’s Private Members' Bill on the rights and remuneration of musicians have been published.

The ISM has long campaigned for fair remuneration for artists, producers and musicians, and we hope that MPs will show their support for this legislation. The ISM supports the bill as it would make big improvements to the rights of musicians, which we detail below.

The bill's official title is 'Copyright (Rights and Remuneration of Musicians, Etc.) Bill' and full details can be found here.

There have been a number of important developments when the DCMS select committee report into music streaming was published earlier this year. The bill details proposed changes to the Copyright Act 1988 to reform the music streaming economy to ensure fair rights and remuneration for artists.

The bill calls for the following changes:

1) Equitable remuneration

    This would protect performers' pay generated from streaming income. The right to equitable remuneration is a simple yet effective solution to the problems caused by poor pay from music streaming. It is a right that is already established within UK law and has been applied to streaming elsewhere in the world.

    2) Transparency obligation

    Performers, songwriters, and composers would be entitled to regular information on revenue generated by their work. This step would increase clarity for musicians on streaming revenue and would allow artists to request the information if it was withheld.

    3) Contract adjustment

    Performers, songwriters, and composers would have the right to adjust existing contracts. If it is agreed that their original revenue amount for a piece of work is found unequal at a later stage.

    4) Right of revocation

    The bill proposes that after 20 years, performers, songwriters, and composers would have the rights of ownership over a piece of work returned to them.

    Kevin Brennan’s bill comes as the Secretary of State for DCMS Nadine Dorries confirmed that she had asked the Competitions Market Authority to prioritise its probe of the streaming industry.

    Earlier this autumn, the IPO released their report titled ‘Music creators’ earnings in the digital era’ which highlighted the need for action to ensure that musicians earn more from their work.

    The bill will appear in the House of Commons next week, where MPs will get the chance to consider its proposals and decide whether the bill progresses.

    The ISM thanks Kevin Brennan for bringing this bill before parliament and encourages MPs to support the legislation which will make a meaningful difference to the careers of musicians.

    We will keep members updated here on the developments of the bill as it moves through the parliamentary stages.