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The Incorporated Society of Musicians launches coronavirus survey for teachers

The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) has launched a survey to understand how coronavirus has impacted classroom music teachers and instrumental music teachers working in schools.

Commenting on the launch of the survey, the Incorporated Society of Musicians’ Chief Executive, Deborah Annetts, said:

‘Creative subjects such as music have never been more important to wellbeing for our children as they return to school. However, the picture we are receiving from music teachers so far suggests there is a postcode lottery for pupils. While some schools are making a strong effort to accommodate safety measures, there is confusion due to the lack of clarity in the guidelines and the late notice gave educators little time to make adjustments – particularly about ventilation.

‘It is vital that every child has equal access to a quality music education, which is why the ISM has launched a month-long survey for classroom or instrumental music teachers to share their experiences of the impact of coronavirus on music education. We strongly encourage music teachers to take part in this survey, as the results will be used to shape our advocacy work as we lobby to make sure that music is at the heart of the recovery curriculum rather than just an afterthought.’

    Notes to editors

    About the survey

    The survey will run until 5.30pm on 5th October, 2020 and is designed so we can learn more about:

    • Those teaching classroom music across the UK in different types of schools and how government guidance is affecting music provision.
    • Those teaching instrumental lessons in schools either privately, through music hubs or through Local Authority music services and how their work in schools is being impacted.

    Our resources

    • We have updated our 'schools reopening' advice page
      as a result of the latest guidance published on Friday 28 August.
    • Our #CanDoMusic campaign was launched last month to protect music in schools.
    • Our updated study summarised the latest global research investigating coronavirus transmission in the performance and education spaces.

    Further information

    Our collected media engagement can be found here and the most relevant pieces are:

    • Commenting on the gap between poorer pupils and their peers at GCSE Music.
    • Over 400 music education professionals wrote a joint letter calling on the government to support music education in all schools.
    • Reacting to the decline in uptake of music at GCSE and A-Level.

    About the ISM

    The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) is the UK's professional body for musicians and a nationally-recognised subject association for music. Since 1882, we have been dedicated to promoting the importance of music and protecting the rights of those working in the music profession.

    We support over 10,000 music professionals across the UK and Ireland with our unrivalled legal advice and representation, comprehensive insurance and specialist services. Our members come from all areas of the music profession and from a wide variety of genres and musical backgrounds.

    We campaign tirelessly in support of musicians’ rights, music education and the profession as a whole. We are a financially independent not-for-profit organisation with no political affiliation. This independence allows us the freedom to campaign on any issue affecting musicians.

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