Budget 2018: ISM statement

Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, presented the 2018 Budget this afternoon, setting out the Treasury's plans for tax and spending over the coming year.

Commenting on today’s Budget, Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, said:

‘We welcome the Government’s decision to invest a much-needed extra £400m in our schools. It is vital that our children have access to the very best education within both primary and secondary settings so that they can make the most of all of their talents.

We also hope that the tech tax of 2% will be used by the government to invest in the creative industries including music at this critical time as music faces serious challenges in a post-Brexit world. Never has there been a more important time to invest in both the music industry and music education – the key driver of the talent pipeline for one of our most important industries.’

About the ISM

The Incorporated Society of Musicians is the UK’s professional body for musicians and a nationally-recognised subject association for music. We were set up in 1882 to promote the art of music and to protect the interests of all musicians. Today we support over 9000 members with specialist and tailored services and expert advice, from study up until retirement and beyond.

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