Plus a change, plus c'est la me chose: part 1

I received an email from a colleague who was clearing out her house and came across a 12 year old piece of research involving moving things forwards for young people with Special Educational Needs.

The Road Map

This is the third blog post in a series by ISM member and Senior Manager at Warwickshire County Music Service, Jeremy Dibb. Jeremy's previous posts looked at the recent changes to local music education provision and the importance of marketing for music services and hubs.

A fresh perspective?

Richard Hallam discusses the hubs’ role of challenging and supporting schools in providing ALL their students with an entitlement to a good music education.

Something Special in the State of Sweden

I have been in Sweden over the past 4 days as part of the voluntary work I do for Sistema Europe. If you have already heard about Sistema and decided it is not for you, please read on!

The importance of music

Music is a very important part of the lives of almost everyone. This may be listening to music, participating as an amateur, engaging for recreational or for health purposes, as a career, as a source of income or for other reasons.