Member Blog: Noah Max - Move!

ISM member Noah Max gives his opinion of the current situation in which musicians find themselves, and examines ways that the UK music scene can forge ahead once restrictions are lifted.

A Black History Month is eleven too few

British composer Philip Herbert reflects on the nature of Black History Month as a contemporary musician, and how we can better celebrate Black History in the national curriculum, wider education, and through representation in the UK music industry.

Member blog: Mental health and wellbeing of musicians

ISM members Jaya Hanley and Sarah James, who form The Chapel Hill Duo, took to Facebook to talk about how the pandemic has affected them, and how the government's current messaging is adding to a devaluation of the arts.

OverRule Britannia

Opera singer and Artistic Director of Pegasus Opera Company, Alison Buchanon, gives her perspective on the annual inclusion of Rule, Britannia! in the Last Night of the Proms, as well as Prom-style events around the UK.

Returning to face-to-face teaching

Last week, we caught up with two ISM members – singing and piano teacher, Annie Sharkey FISM, and piano teacher, Joanne Snowden – to share their experiences of lockdown, and how they have found the process of returning to face-to-face teaching.