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Blog: Music education

Teacher focus: Imogen Windsor

During my 20 years of piano teaching I came across an array of characters. Hand on heart, I can’t say I truly liked all of them, but each one brought something new and interesting into my life.

Making the case for music

This article is a summary of the Making the case for music session at Rhinegold’s Music Education Expo 2018 from Kevin Rogers, County Music Inspector for Hampshire and a Council Member of the ISM and Henry Vann, Head of External Affairs at the ISM.

Teacher focus: Julia Harding

As well as a great deal of musical skill, the art of being a Music Director, private teacher and manager of a Music service includes perfecting the arts of 'juggling', 'spinning plates' and 'running from here to there and everywhere.' Read about a week in the life of ISM member Julia Harding in the latest Teacher Focus.

Teacher focus: Charlotte Treadaway

'There aren’t many vocations that can be described as challenging, infuriating, mildly soul destroying, rewarding, joy-inducing and inspiring in one sentence quite like teaching does.' Read about the teaching experience of ISM member Charlotte Treadaway.