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Blog: Music education

The Journey - change of direction

Running a business where you rely on sales for your income rather than jumping through the hoops required with government funding is - in a way - much easier to manage. Costs have to be managed and sales have to cover costs or the business fails.

How do we take charge?

I have just attended my third major event in three weeks: Westminster Education Forum; Future Play and the Music Education Expo.

Together we CAN make a difference...

At the recent Westminster Education Forum Seminar reviewing the new curriculum for Art and Music there were many positive messages and several clear implications for action. The gauntlet was thrown down. It is up to our own sector to accept the challenge and improve quality. That means you and me taking responsibility, not saying someone else ought to do something about it!

The busy Warwickshire County Music Service

ISM member Jeremy Dibb will be writing a series of articles for our blog about life in the busy Warwickshire County Music Service - the challenges it has faced, and the confidence it has in the future of music education. Here is the first part of The Journey...