Blog: ISM members

Teacher focus: Dr Robin Harrison

'To call myself a private teacher is to reflect on only part of the bigger picture. So many musicians have a 'portfolio' of activities.' Read about Dr Robin Harrison in the latest Teacher Focus post.

Teacher focus: Angela Fogg

'I enjoyed sharing music and seeing others take pleasure from their playing and quite frankly I have been hooked ever since.' Read about a day in the life of ISM member and music teacher Angela Fogg.

A day in the life of... a portfolio musician

'The life of a musician can be extremely rewarding and restless at the same time. I personally love being busy, especially if it means doing what I love most.' Read more about the work of ISM member Andy Basiola.

A day in the life of... a portfolio musician

'The most uncomfortable question I face is ‘what is your line of work’? For most people a simple, single sentence is adequate to impart the answer.' Read more from ISM member Al Gurr.

Discover ScaleTracks

'I don’t like scales and arpeggios’ – how many times have we heard this as teachers? Discover ScaleTracks by Ben Andrew.