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Analysing the results of the ISM's annual fees survey

Yesterday, we released the results of our annual survey of teaching, examining and accompanying rates, conducted between November 2020 and January 2021. For the first time, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the survey looked at both face-to-face and online teaching rates.

The results of the survey are evidence of the continued value and resilience of music teachers, with many respondents showing that fees had stayed the same or even slightly increased, despite the disruption caused by the pandemic. In light of the challenges facing music teachers this year, this is very encouraging. Of the respondents that had been able to teach private face-to-face lessons since September 2020, nearly a quarter (22.7%) said their rates had increased since September 2019. The median increase was £2, in line with the increases seen in 2019.

We have also been encouraged to learn that 16% of teachers reported more adults were taking music lessons during the pandemic. This demonstrates an increased awareness within this market, and could provide new opportunities for music teachers to develop their business.

The results show that despite the various lockdown restrictions in all four nations, 71% of respondents have been able to conduct some private face-to-face teaching since September 2020, only a 20% decrease from 2019. However, effects have been felt in schools, with 62% of self-employed visiting music teachers and just over half (52.5%) of employed visiting music teachers reporting a decrease in pupil numbers during the pandemic. The adaptability and creativity demonstrated by music teachers will be essential in reversing this decline, once all restrictions have been lifted across the country.

On Friday 7 May, statistician Alix Naylor, who conducted the survey, provides an overview in a free ISM Trust webinar. Book onto the webinar for free.