Recommend a friend

Recommend a friend to the ISM and get £10 off your membership

If you value what we do, tell your musician friends and colleagues about us and encourage them to become part of our thriving community of working musicians.

We’ll give you £10 off your next year’s membership fee every time one of the friends or colleagues you have recommended joins the ISM as a full member (includes graduate rate membership). If they join at the full rate we’ll give them £10 off their membership fee too. 

If enough of your friends join, you could be getting your next year's membership for free!

To claim your discounts, email [email protected] with the name and email address of the friend(s) you are recommending and ask them to quote the discount code ISM12HF when joining.

If you’d prefer to donate your £10 reward to the ISM Members Fund, just let us know in your email and we’ll organise it.

Please note: the number of rewards you can redeem is limited to the value of your subscription upon renewal,  and a reward can only be redeemed if the recommended person joins the ISM at a level described above.