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ISM members are able to access a range of services through our sister charity, the ISM Members Fund, which supports the health and welfare of ISM members.

Since 2019 the ISM Members Fund has focused on delivering services to support our members health and welfare needs. A consultation with members highlighted that greatest need was around access to mental health support and physiotherapy to tackle the musculoskeletal issues musicians often face. As a result of the consultation, we expanded our mental health services to include face-to-face appointments and introduced our pioneering physiotherapy service for musicians.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fund made grants available to those ISM members in greatest need.

We will continue to increase the range of services on offer to provide tailored support in the areas of health and welfare as part of ISM membership.

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Physiotherapy service

The ISM Members Fund’s new physiotherapy service is in partnership with Physio Med and is the first of its kind offered on this scale in the music sector. It is open to full, early career, student and retired ISM members.

Physio appointment

Members have free access to advice and face-to-face intervention via the award-winning Physiotherapy Advice Line (PAL), which allows ISM members to get quick, expert intervention for muscle and joint problems directly from a senior chartered physiotherapist. The treatment as part of the service includes both self-management, which includes a detailed treatment plan of exercises to undertake at home; or face-to-face sessions at a physiotherapy practice close to home. Find out how you can access the service.

Face-to-face counselling and CBT

In response to our members' feedback, we have launched a face-to-face counselling service. The service, operated by Health Assured, is completely confidential and includes telephone counselling, face-to-face counselling (up to six sessions) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

To access the service, you must first contact our 24-hour personal support and advice line. You will then speak to an adviser who will set up a telephone assessment with a counsellor. Once you have been matched with a qualified counsellor and completed a short assessment, your counsellor will give you the option of telephone counselling, face-to-face counselling or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Counselling session

24-hour personal support and advice helpline

Our members have access to a free 24-hour personal support and advice helpline staffed by professionally qualified counsellors who are able to provide confidential support and advice on everything from bereavement and relationships to work-related stress and mental health. If further support is needed, you can arrange six sessions of structured telephone counselling or ask the helpline about face-to-face counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Health monitoring app

Members also have access to My Healthy Advantage, a mobile app that enables you to understand and monitor changes in mental and physical health.

ISM members can access the services below

Face-to-face counselling

Member only

Based on your feedback, we have launched a new counselling service, which includes face-to-face counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Support our work

We are always grateful for donations to support the Fund’s work and enable us to develop new services to help musicians. You can donate to the Fund with Virgin Money Giving.