Tax and financial support services

Daytime tax helpline

As an ISM member, you will have access to our daytime tax helpline (9am-5pm) staffed by experts who can help with any tax or National Insurance issue.

Tax return completion service

You will also be able to take advantage of a specially-negotiated service from Performance Accountancy, who will complete your tax return for you for a flat free of £150+VAT.

Tax investigation cover

If you become subject to an HMRC tax investigation while you're a member, we will cover your accountant’s fees through our legal expenses insurance policy. This applies to full or aspect enquiries – full enquiries are covered up to £100,000, aspect up to £1,000.

Discounted tax and accountancy services

We offer our members a wide range of tax, accountancy and financial services at a 10% discount on normal rates from our partners LB Group and LB Financial Solutions.

Don't forget that because we are a professional body self-employed members can claim back the tax on their membership fee.

Debt advice helpline

You will also have access to our partner StepChange's helpline which is staffed by debt specialists who can help you negotiate with your creditors and set up a manageable repayment plan.

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'Knowing a support network is always there, which includes insurances and legal and tax support, is a great comfort for me'

Craig Ogden, Guitarist. ISM member since 2003.