Specialist legal advice and representation

One-to-one legal assistance

As an ISM member, you will have direct access to free one-to-one legal advice and representation from our specialist in-house legal team during office hours (9.30am - 5pm, Monday to Friday). Our team will support you with legal issues relating to your work as a musician including:

  • employment issues and disputes including representation at disciplinary, grievance and redundancy meetings and appeals
  • issues relating to self-employment
  • recovering unpaid fees
  • advice on draft contracts and contractual disputes
  • advice on intellectual property, copyright, performers' rights and royalties
  • guidance on safeguarding and child protection issues
  • discrimination claims

If you were to seek this level of professional legal advice independently, you would pay anything between £240 and £500 per hour.

'I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the ISM legal team who have helped save my career.'

ISM member

24-hour legal helpline

Our legal helpline staffed by qualified legal advisers is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. ISM members can call the helpline for:

  • immediate telephone advice about legal matters relating to their work
  • legal issues not related to their work as musicians (e.g. property law, neighbour disputes, consumer issues, family law and wills/probate).

Unpaid fees recovery service

Our members are protected by an unpaid fees service that recovers overdue payments owed to them in relation to their work as musicians.

'Thank you all at the ISM for your incredible support this year - I felt I was able to move forward from my situation and turn over a new leaf.'

ISM member

Legal expenses insurance

As an ISM member, you will be protected by legal expenses insurance (cover up to £100,000) in the event of legal disputes arising during the course of your work. This includes breach of contract claims, employment disputes, contractual disputes, personal injury, criminal defense matters and HMRC tax investigation.

Low-cost personal legal services

We have partnered with Morrish Solicitors to offer our members a range of low-cost personal legal services including a fixed fee of £100 plus VAT for will writing; 10% off their usual fees on probate, estate administration and tax planning; 10% off conveyancing charges; and 10% off their fees for matrimonial and family services.

DBS check advice and disclosure application service

If you’re self-employed and want to obtain a DBS Disclosure for freelance work, you need an organisation that represents you to submit your application – individuals cannot apply for themselves. We’re registered with an organisation that provides an efficient and cost-effective DBS service for our members.

'Many thanks for all your help. I now have my DBS up to date. With your assistance it was straightforward and quick!'

ISM member

Online legal advice

As an ISM member, you will have access to hundreds of online legal articles written by experts.

Subjects include:

  • careers
  • child protection and safeguarding
  • contracts
  • copyright and performers' rights
  • employment and self-employment
  • health and safety
  • wellbeing
  • insurances
  • promoting yourself
  • personal finances
  • record keeping
  • tax

Members can also download free template contracts and agreements.

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'The legal team at ISM make the membership well worth it. They have been consistently helpful and supportive, with endless patience to explain legal terms so I know what I am doing. ISM is an essential investment.'

Mike Tree, ISM member.