Public liability insurance

As an ISM member, you will receive up to £10,000,000 of cover in the event of claims against you relating to injuries to third parties or damage to property occurring during the course of your work. You will be protected by this essential cover from the day you join.

Legal expenses insurance

As an ISM member, you will be protected by legal expenses insurance (cover up to £100,000) in the event of legal disputes arising during the course of your work. This includes breach of contract claims, employment disputes, contractual disputes, personal injury, criminal defense matters and HMRC tax investigation.

Musical instrument insurance

You will be entitled to 10-20% off musical instrument and equipment insurance. There is no limit on the amount of discounted cover or on the number of instruments covered at a discount, making this scheme the perfect choice for professional musicians.

Employers' liability insurance

You will also be covered for up to £10,000,000 against claims for compensation if someone you've employed suffers an injury whilst working for you.

Professional indemnity insurance

Our indemnity insurance scheme has been specially developed to protect the increasing numbers of music teachers, lecturers, music therapists and education consultants who are freelance or self-employed. As an ISM member, you will be entitled to a discount on professional indemnity insurance through our scheme.

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'The ISM is like a crash mat - it's the support and security which helps to give me the freedom to take bigger creative risks.'

Ed Scolding, Composer. ISM member since 2011.