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'The ISM is like a crash mat - it's the support and security which helps to give me the freedom to take bigger creative risks.'

Ed Scolding, Composer. ISM member since 2011

Your insurance needs covered

  • Up to £10m public liability insurance and £100k legal expenses insurance cover - free to ISM members
  • Discounted professional indemnity insurance
  • Up to 20% off musical instrument and equipment insurance from a range of providers

Free £10m cover for public, employers' and product liability

All full, graduate and student members benefit from free liability insurance, with cover up to £10m. You will be protected by this essential cover from the day you join.

Public liability

Up to £10m of cover if you cause accidental injury to another person or damage their property in the course of your work as a professional musician.

This includes cover for injury to a pupil or other client while you are working at home.

Product liability

Up to £10m of cover for damages awarded against you if someone suffers injury or incurs damages in connection with a product you have designed, supplied or repaired.

Employers' liability

Up to £10m of cover for damages awarded against you if someone you employ in the course of your music-related work is injured while working for you.

Legal expenses insurance

You will be protected by legal expenses insurance (cover up to £100,000) in the event of legal disputes arising during the course of your work. This includes breach of contract claims, tax affairs, employment disputes, contractual disputes, personal injury, criminal defense matters, uninsured motor losses and HMRC tax investigation.

    Musical instrument and equipment insurance

    We have negotiated the best value instrument and equipment cover available for our members. Take advantage of exclusive discounts of up to 30%, which includes unlimited discounted cover on multiple instruments and equipment. There is no limit on the amount of discounted cover you can take advantage of or the number of instruments you will be able to cover.

    Professional indemnity insurance

    In special circumstances, you might need cover for professional negligence if you work as a freelance, self-employed music educator, lecturer or music therapist. As an ISM member, you will be entitled to a discount on professional indemnity insurance through our special scheme starting at £58 a year for £1m cover.

    More insurance discounts

    You will also benefit from discounts on a range of additional insurance services including medical, life, home, travel, motoring, income protection and group public liability insurance.