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Enhanced Status

‘Being part of the ISM, I’m part of a much larger network… (which) helps me with the professionalism that I need for my work.’

Stephanie Reeve, Music Teacher

Being a member of a nationally recognised professional body enhances your status, confirms your professional credentials and shows that you're committed to your profession.

ISM Registered Private Teacher status

If you have been teaching under 18s privately for six months or more, you can apply for ISM Registered Private Teacher status and benefit from an enhanced listing on our Music Directory. We will carry out a DBS check for you as part of your application. You will receive DBS Disclosure and Registered Private Teacher certificates to show to potential parents and students.

Letters after your name

As a member, you can use letters after your name and the ISM logo to demonstrate your status as a music professional. With 15 years continuous membership, you automatically become a Fellow and can use the ISM Fellow logo and letters.