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Jobs for musicians

This is a non-exhaustive list of job boards that advertise vacancies within the music sector. Jobs listed include positions for music teachers, composers and songwriters, performers, and music administrators.

The ISM is not responsible for the positions available and you are encouraged to seek advice from our in-house legal team should you be unsure about accepting a job offer, or need guidance regarding the terms in any employment contract that you are being asked to sign.

Job boards

ABCD (Association of British Choral Directors)

Vacancies across the UK for positions including choral directors, accompanists, and conductors

AIM (Association of Independent Music)

Music administrator vacancies in the independent music sector

Arts Council England

Cross-arts roles throughout England

Arts Council Northern Ireland

Cross-arts roles throughout Northern Ireland

Arts Council Wales

Cross-arts roles throughout Wales

Arts Professional

Cross-arts roles throughout the UK

Association of British Orchestras

Orchestra and music administration vacancies in the UK

Black Lives in Music

A range of music sector vacancies across the UK covering everything from orchestral performers to arts administrators

Creative Scotland

Cross-arts roles throughout Scotland

Encore Musicians

Performance opportunities at weddings and other functions throughout the UK

Entertainers Worldwide

Performance opportunities at weddings and other functions throughout the UK and internationally


Opportunities for classroom music teachers

IAMA (International Artist Managers' Association)

Artist management vacancies in the UK and internationally

Music Business Worldwide

Music industry jobs in the UK and internationally

Musical Chairs

Jobs and advice for classical musicians; includes orchestral vacancies and administrative roles

Music Jobs UK

Cross-sector opportunities for performers, composers, teachers, and more (subscription required)

Music Mark

Music education roles throughout the UK including positions for visiting music teachers, hub leads, and administrators

Music Week

Music industry jobs in the UK and internationally

Organists Online

A resource for organists looking for freelance and permanent work

Record of the Day

Music and media jobs in the UK

Rhinegold Jobs

Jobs across the performing arts sectors for both teachers and performers

Rocksteady Music School

Jobs for musicians across the UK

SMIA (Scottish Music Industry Association)

Jobs and other opportunities for musicians in Scotland

Sound and Music

Composer jobs and opportunities in the UK and internationally

Sound Sense

A range of vacancies for music in the community positions


A large selection of teaching, academic, and leadership positions, both in the UK and internationally

This is not a comprehensive list. If you think a job board should be added, please email us at [email protected].