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Three new books added to series Music and Spirituality

Three books have been added to the series Music and Spirituality, (published by Peter Lang) which explores the relationships between spirituality and music in a variety of traditions and contexts including those in which human beings have per­formed music with spiritual intention or effect. The series includes historical, anthropological, musicological, eth­nomusicological, theological and philosophical dimensions and encourages multi-sdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary contributions.

Spirituality and Music Education - Perspectives from Three Continents Edited by the Rev Dr June Boyce-Tillman

This book is the product of a long journey by a company of academics and practitioners sharing a common interest, titled the Spirituality and Music Education Group (SAME). Since the group formed, the notion of spirituality has been struggling to find a way through the dominant ideology of secularisation in the West to a place in a post-secularising world. This book concentrates on examining this issue from the position of music educators on three continents.

Queering Freedom - Music, Identity and Spirituality: an anthology from four continents Edited by Karin Hendricks and the Rev Dr June Boyce-Tillman

This volume is intended to challenge the status quo of music learning and experience by intersecting various musical topics with discussions of spirituality and queer studies. Spanning from the theoretical to the personal, the chapter authors utilize a variety of approaches to query how music makers might blend spirituality’s healing and wholeness with queer theory’s radical liberation. The volume reaches an international audience, with invited authors from around the world who represent the voices and perspectives of over ten countries. The authors engage with policy, practice, and performance to critically address contemporary and historical music practices

Freedom Song: Faith, Abuse, Music and Spirituality: A Lived Experience of Celebration by the Rev Dr June Boyce-Tillman

This book is an autobiographical account of the development of an authentic interiority, based thematically around the Lord’s Prayer. It charts the way in which the Christian faith in which the author was enculturated, was refined by my lived experience of music, abuse, forgiveness, interfaith dialogue, gender and vocation (into teaching and priesthood). It sees music and spirituality as a route into forgiveness by transforming (‘mulching’) childhood abuse creatively into celebration. It challenges established therapeutic models and suggests a variety of tools including created ritual.

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The Tavener Centre is hosting an international day on Music, Spirituality and Wellbeing on 14-15 June 2019. Enquiries about submitting presentations and papers or attendance to [email protected]

About The Rev Dr June Boyce-Tillman MBE FRSA FHEA

The Rev Dr June Boyce-Tillman MBE FRSA FHEA, Professor of Applied Music, University of Winchester, UK, Artistic Convenor for the Centre for the Arts as Wellbeing and the Tavener Centre for Music and Spirituality, Extraordinary Professor at North-West University, South Africa

Email: [email protected]

Professor Boyce-Tillman has lectured this year in Azerbaijan (at the International Society for Music Education), Tartu University, Estonia, the University of Muenster German and North West University, South Africa. Her hymns have been pushed in Hymns of Hope and Healing(Stainer and Bell).