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Meet Musa: the ISM's marathon man

On Sunday 28 April the ISM's Finance Officer, Musa Kazmi will be running the London Marathon to raise funds for the ISM Members Fund. Find out more about him in this special interview.

How long have you worked at the ISM?

I started working at the ISM in August 2015
, so almost four years.

Why are you running the London Marathon for the ISM Members Fund?

Well, I have applied to the London Virgin Money Marathon for the past several years and have always been rejected, so when the opportunity came up to represent the ISM Members Fund, I had to take it. Running the London Marathon has always been an item on my bucket list.

Why is the ISM Members Fund important?

The ISM Members Fund provides financial support and help to ISM members and their dependants. Set up in 1917, the ISM Members Fund, then called the Benevolent Fund of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, focused its work on supporting musician's orphaned children and the prevention of poverty. Now in 2019, the ISM Members Fund aims to support ISM members or former members of the ISM and their dependants who need support surrounding their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

How is your training going?

Training is going well, but it could be better. My daughters keep trying to jump on the treadmill with me so I always have to stop!

I have also worn out a pair of running shoes and had to buy a new pair at the weekend!

Are you excited for the big day?

Very much so, I can't wait!

What are you most nervous about?

Picking up injuries before or during the actual marathon.

How can people sponsor you?

Please donate what you can, it will make the training and the race all the more worth it. Also, if you're coming to watch the marathon, please call out my name if you see me running!