How much does it cost to join the ISM?

Professionals with more than 10 years' experience

The subscription rate for full membership in 2020-21 including all our professional services, insurance and benefits, is £181.

Recent graduates and those with fewer than 10 years' experience

If you have been working at a professional level for fewer than 10 years and/or have completed your first qualification at level four or above within the last 10 years you'll be eligible for our early career rate, which is just £50 a year for three years.


If you are studying at level four (HNC) or above, student membership, which includes the same legal help and insurance cover as full and early career members, costs only £15.

Amateur musicians and music lovers

Become a friend of the ISM Trust and support the future of music for just £25.


Corporate membership starts at £110 a year.