Workshop: Teaching Musicianship Through the Body and the Voice

Stepping Notes Music School

“Fantastic practical ideas for the classroom. Nikhil’s passion and understanding of how to give children an intrinsic appreciation of music was inspirational.”

- Vicki Rogers, assistant head teacher, Berkshire

Stepping Notes is a holistic, integrated, multi-sensory approach to music education, based upon the philosophies of Kodály, Jaques-Dalcroze and Géza Szilvay.

The hallmarks of the Stepping Notes approach are:

(1) Movement and singing as the prime conduits for musical learning.

(2) Developing the inner ear.

(3) Feeling and understanding the inner life of music.

(4) Maintaining natural body flexibility and sensitivity.

(5) The judicious and sensitive use of high-quality musical instruments.

(6) The world of the imagination; this is where young children live.

“Prepared meticulously and delivered with expertise and joy. All material was very relevant and sequenced imaginatively… Inspirational, exceedingly useful & most enjoyable.”

- Sue Hamilton, pre-school music teacher, Surrey

This course is designed to help those who teach children aged 2 to 7 to develop their students’ musicianship through the voice and the body. We will concentrate on the following areas:

(1) using singing, movement and dance to help children to feel and understand:

pulse and rhythm, metre and phrasing, melody and harmony;

(2) teaching musical literacy using singing and movement;

(3) choosing and using children’s instruments in such a way as to preserve and enhance their co-ordination and sense of rhythm.

Please come willing to remove your shoes and socks and work barefoot, on the floor, to sing, to play and to move.

Course fee: £70

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