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Earls Colne Bells - The Colchester Waits


St Andrews Church, Church Hill, Earls Colne, CO6 2RG

Medieval and Renaissance music on period instruments, performed by The Colchester Waits to raise money for the church bell restoration fund.

Like most European Towns of any size, Colchester had a band of Waits (civic musicians) throughout the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque. The band would have been employed by the town to perform at civic ceremonies and processions and to entertain the populace. The modern Colchester Waits play reproductions of the instruments of their forebears - shawms, trumpets, sackbutts, cornetts, lysards, bagpipes, recorders, gemshorns, fiddles and more. They perform vibrant historical music with a sense of history, enthusiasm and fun, wearing the livery of a 16th century band.

For this concert the Waits will perform some of their long-standing favourite Medieval and Renaissance tunes along with some bell-related items.

Tickets £10/£8

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