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Leaders on (and off) Stage

Delivered by the Guildhall School

This new programme combines the core competencies from our highly successful Leaders & Managers course with the data from new research undertaken in 2019 directly with principal and section players by Guildhall Associates, Jane Booth and Trudy Wright.

Topics covered include, understanding the impact of different leadership styles, managing conversations with colleagues which result in the required action, leading difficult conversations, giving and receiving feedback, introduction to a tool for regular reviews with colleagues, an introduction to neuroscience which backs up all the processes shared.

Participants will have:

  • greater awareness of what makes an excellent Section Principal as well as a greater awareness of their own strengths and areas for development
  • greater understanding of a range of leadership styles and the impact of your own leadership style on your colleagues.
  • knowledge of how to lead conversations with colleagues that deliver the required actions
  • a greater understanding of a framework which can support you to have difficult conversations with greater confidence
  • been introduced to a tool for holding conversations with individual members of your section
  • practised a “protocol” for giving and receiving skilled feedback
  • greater awareness of negative emotions in the workplace and how to manage them
  • an internal ”peer buddy” to help support you through and beyond this process
  • information on the research findings for this work
  • a basic understanding of the neuroscience and positive psychology which reinforces these tried and tested skills and tools
  • the benefit, if desired, of on-going professional support to maintain, sustain and develop the skills taught during and after the training programme

Course fee: £1200

Discounted fee: ISM members have a 10% discount if they quote ISM on booking.

Course being delivered online via Zoom.