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Consort of 1 - "M. Arbeau and friends"


Marks Tey, Saint Andrew's, Church Lane, Marks Tey, CO6 1LW

Lizzie Gutteridge and her live-looping Consort of 1 returns with a new programme based on her edition of Dances from Arbeau's Orchesographie.

Arbeau’s Orchesographie is one of the best known dance manuals from the 16th century and contains some of the dances most popular at Historical Dance groups, folk clubs and Medieval banquets. Some tunes from its pages are still current in European folk traditions, others are well known thanks to Peter Warlock’s Capriole Suite, and of course Branle d’Officiale, since the 19thc, has been Ding dong merrily on high. A surprising number of tunes in the collection however, are rarely heard. During lockdown Lizzie Gutteridge made a new performer's edition of Orchesographie, with the addition of newly devised 4 part harmonies and chord symbols. She's also made live-looped arrangements of several of the pieces for a series of play-along workshops online. Now these arrangements can be heard live for the first time, alongside pieces from some of Arbeaus contemporaries including Holbourne, Susato and Ortiz.

Tickets £12/£9

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