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Dignity at work 2: Discrimination in the music sector

The ISM has released a major new report, Dignity at work 2: Discrimination in the music sector.

Dignity at work 2 exposes the devastating scale of discrimination (including sexual harassment and racism) in all parts of the music sector, including education. Those working in the music sector have come forward and shared with the ISM their deeply felt personal testimonies and we thank them for taking this step. We hope that this important report will be a vehicle for change in the music sector, making it unacceptable for anyone to commit discrimination or harass their fellow workers.

'Discrimination is endemic in the whole music profession'

Respondent - Dignity at Work 2


Free webinar: Dignity at work 2: Discrimination in the music sector

Join us for this free ISM Trust webinar on 19 October to discuss the ISM’s latest research report on discrimination in music. We will discuss what needs to change in terms of culture, internal regulation and the law, what employers can do to protect both employees and freelance workers, what rights music professionals have, and what to do if you experience discrimination.

Recommendations for the Government

Our key asks to help ensure work places are safe for musicians.

Recommendations for the music sector

Steps the music sector can take to build a safe environment for those working in it.

Advice on discrimination, bullying and harassment

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Organisations that can support you

Further information on discrimination, sexual harassment and safety at work:

Suzy Lamplugh Trust

Equality, Advisory and Support Service

The Equality and Human Rights Commission


Citizens Advice Bureau

Stand Up Against Street Harassment

Support lines for victims of sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination include:

ISM members can access a free 24-hour personal support and advice line on: 0800 042 0136
Help Musicians: Bullying and Harassment Helpline: 0800 088 2045
Victim Support

The Samaritans

The Police - if you or someone is in immediate danger or the crime is in progress

Support from our legal team

Between September 2020 and August 2021 the ISM Legal team dealt with 1,596 cases and recovered £167,189 for members. They work across simple queries and complex cases that affect music professionals' careers, from contracts to copyright, to helping members through the redundancy process, and much more.

More about your rights

Help and support

Support helplines

A list of helplines offering support to those facing a crisis, discrimination or challenging circumstances