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Council vacancies

You are invited to send nominations to fill vacancies on the ISM’s Council which will arise at our Annual General Meeting on 21 April 2017. Your completed form(s) must be sent to Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive, ISM, 4–5 Inverness Mews, London W2 3JQ and must reach her by noon on Wednesday 1 February 2017 at the latest.

The form is available to download below.

Elected Council Members

Three vacancies will arise for Elected Council Members, one for the West geographical area, one for the Midlands geographical area, and one for the London geographical area.

To be eligible to be nominated, you must be a full member of the ISM whose registered address is in the specified area and your nomination must be signed by two full members whose registered addresses are also in the same specified area.

Appointed Council Members

Two vacancies will arise for Appointed Council Members. Council has determined that it would like to receive nominations from full members who are composers or performers. Council is also interested in receiving applications from musicians working in rock, pop, jazz or folk.

To be considered for this position, you must be a full member of the ISM and complete the form (PDF below) setting out your relevant experience and skills.

For both the Elected and the Appointed positions, Council is keen to hear from younger members or members from ethnic minority backgrounds.

All candidates for both Elected and Appointed Council roles will meet with the Nominations Committee – made up of the President, two members of Council and the Chief Executive – as part of the process. For further details on the process please refer to the ISM’s byelaw 12 in the ‘about’ area of our website (