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Composers' Pack - Model Contracts

As part of the ongoing Make Music Work resource series, the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) has launched a pack of mode contracts and a contract checklist for composers. The ISM’s Composers' Pack was prepared with the Composers’ Special Interest Group, ISM Composers’ Round Table meetings and colleagues from across the music industry – including Russells solicitors.

ISM Corporate Member Composers' Edition wrote a blog post about model contracts and professional composers to celebrate the launch of the Composers' Pack.

Competitions and Opportunities

Included in the Composers' Pack is a list of useful links where you can find competition and useful commissioning opportunities:

Further advice pages for composers

We have a number of specialist advice pages for composers available in the members' area of our website.

Composers, copyright and commissioning

Performance related

Professional codes of practice 

Music Publishers Association Code of Fair Practice

The Music Publishers Association publishes a Code of Fair Practice and the ISM is listed as an arbitration body for the Code. The Code is regularly reviewed and views are welcomed as to how it could be improved.

Research and other resources

Following our previous work in support of our members who compose, we launched a survey of composers which ran from 19 April to 12 June 2012. We received comments from 120 composers.

The survey covered expected sources of income, the role of publishers, intellectual property and Sound And Music (SAM), the Arts Council England funded body for new music. Some miscellaneous questions were also asked about the role of small venues and general issues which may affect composers.

NMC Recordings' Music Map

The Music Map is an interactive tool allowing you to explore the relationships between composers, their influences and their work. Type a name into the 'search' box to start your journey.