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Holiday pay for VMTs and Peris – Important ISM legal survey

Holiday pay for VMTs and Peripatetics is a long-standing campaigning issue of concern to the ISM. In November, the Supreme Court will hear the landmark case of Brazel v The Harpur Trust, brought by an ISM member and funded by the ISM. A positive ruling will result in a holiday pay gain for thousands of highly skilled and professionally trained VMTs and Peris across the UK.

This survey is designed to gather information about the working conditions of VMTs and Peris, including the amount of work they routinely do outside their formal or contracted working hours in return for their wages, including holiday pay. We hope to share the results of this survey with the Supreme Court, to provide a more complete picture of how Peris and VMTs work across the country. All the information you provide will be fully anonymous. You will not be asked to provide either your name or any information identifying your school when completing this survey.

Please take the survey and, if you can, share it with your friends and colleagues so we can get a wide range of contributions.

The impact of COVID-19 restrictions on music

Please complete our short survey so that the ISM can make politicians and the media aware of how the delay to lifting public health restrictions has had an enormous impact on musicians across the UK.