Launched in October 2020, the #MakeMusicWork campaign, in partnership with the Musicians' Movement, calls on the Government to bring in a new financial package to help musicians get back to work and start earning again.

First, we are proposing a new Freelance Performers Support Scheme to make it financially viable for the reopening of music venues under social distancing and see the return of live performances. This funding model would combine grants for venues and a guaranteed fee for each performer with a cultural exemption on VAT for tickets.

With a guaranteed fee for each performer even if performances are cancelled, this proposal puts freelancers at the heart of a sustainable funding model for venues. It is a scheme to get more money from the government into the pockets of musicians, without reducing their income or undercutting industry rates.

Secondly, we are calling on the government to deliver on its pledge to ensure parity between employees and the self-employed by maintaining the existing level of support provided by the Self Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) and expanding the eligibility criteria.

We are keen to work with others in the sector to develop this proposal further and build support for it. Our aim is to create a flexible model balancing conflicting needs within the sector and so we would welcome further discussion as we continue to develop how it would work in practice.

On Thursday 15 October, over 200 organisations and nearly 2,300 professional musicians and members of the music community signed our open letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, outlining our proposal.

You can increase the impact of the open letter to the Chancellor by writing to your elected representatives, using our template letter.