Dignity at work: Discrimination in the music sector

The ISM is committed to working on a collaborative basis to improve the workplace for musicians and to secure change on a long-term basis. As part of this approach, the ISM is seeking to understand the extent and nature of these issues and formulate practical solutions to change the workplace for the better.

In November 2017, we launched a survey which asked musicians to offer their suggestions as to how we can improve the culture and conditions in which all musicians work, and to share their personal experiences with us on a completely anonymous basis.

The final report is now available to view by clicking on the button.

On 9 April 2018, ISM joint with Equity and the Musicians’ Union (MU) launched a joint anonymous and confidential survey open to all students over the age of 18 currently studying at a higher education institute, including universities and specialist music, drama and dance colleges.

This joint survey has been launched in the wake of concerns from student members about issues relating to the culture within higher education institutions and a lack of awareness around the policies and procedures in place.

The interim report, which captures data received between Thursday 2 November to Monday 27 November 2017, is available to view or download below.

All ISM members have access to confidential advice from experienced in-house employment lawyers by contacting the ISM legal team at [email protected] or by contacting our 24-hour advice line on 01275 376 038. The ISM also runs a counselling helpline on 0800 042 0136.