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UK Choir Festival comes to Chichester for the first time

This month the UK Choir Festival kicks off in Chichester for the very first time! On Saturday 16 February 300 choristers will descend on the city’s Westbourne House School to participate in the event with learning and great music making at its heart.

Created to support, train and bring choirs together, the UK Choir Festival is a non-competitive event. This all-inclusive festival is open to all types of choirs, including community choirs, gospel choirs, barbershop choirs, a cappella choirs, youth choirs and choral societies.

Hailed by American Express Essentials as one of the most “Awe-Inspiring Choral Festivals of the World”, the UK Choir Festival enhances the city’s arts and culture scene by giving choirs the opportunity to learn from the UK’s very best workshop leaders.

The festival runs throughout 2019, with events in cities across the UK including Manchester, York, Exmouth, Monmouth and St Albans.

Producer, Russell Scott, said: "I am thrilled the festival has been so popular and so life-changing to singers from all walks of life across the UK."

Rayburn Tours are Proud Sponsors of UK Choir Festival 2019

At Rayburn Tours, supporting the aspirations of musicians and providing them with opportunities to grow and develop is at the heart of what we do, which is why we are thrilled to sponsor this exciting and fast-growing event.

Visit our website to find out more about our involvement with UK Choir Festival 2019.

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