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Tutti: Take the hassle out of rehearsals

Tutti, the new 'AirBnB' of rehearsal space, has become a member of ISM after launching in November.

The company, founded by Gabriel Isserlis, aims to make it far easier for musicians to access rehearsal space at the right cost, closer to home, and in more unique locations.

Any spare space, from churches and civic centres to your own front room, can be listed at Tutti, which aims to bring the UK’s far-too-numerous wasted, dormant places to life through music.

It’s free to sign up, free to browse and free to list. Tutti takes a 15% commission from the host when bookings complete.

The company’s first booking in November was a bassoon trio in north-west London, which paid as little as £5 / hour to rehearse after spotting a living room listed at Tutti.

Bassoonist Kevin Rafferty said he searched for months to find the perfect space but they were 'noisy, dark, expensive and sweaty'.

He added: 'Musicians have been struggling for a long time to find space that isn’t quite right to practise. I think Tutti is a good concept, and we’re not eager to go back to the commercial places any time soon.'

Bassoon trio

Tutti’s supporters include Steven Isserlis, father of the CEO, pianist Stephen Hough, soprano Dame Felicity Lott, and violinist Joshua Bell.

Listings added since the launch include traditional rehearsal spaces, rooms containing unused grand pianos and even a boxing gym.

Gabriel Isserlis said: 'It’s my dream for homeowners and others to get paid to fill their empty spaces with music, when artists are completely desperate to find somewhere to hone their craft. Growing up among professional musicians, and as a cellist myself, I understand the many stresses and strains of amateur and professional musicians, and I simply hope Tutti will make people’s creative lives simpler, more productive, and fun.'